Sunday, November 20, 2005

Why I don't use metrodate

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHere is what I had to choose from when finally got around to checking my Metrodate messages (it's been six months):

Lorenzo from Italia, asked "Are you interested in having also a short conversation with me before our wedding or not?" Lorenzo is also "waiting for the right moment in which i'll build an happy family, with an happy wife, some happy children and an happy dog."

Yes, we all want a happy dog, don't we?

Kaan from Turkey said, "i am honest,reliable,looking for a serious realtionship and for real love!and i belive i can find it.i dont care who you are,where you're from,what you did,as long as you love me!" Then he wrote, "if u like what u see,let me know,ok?"

So all I have to do is love him? Maybe one of these days I'll get around to letting him know.

Cheick from Germany said, "Talk to me and discover my personality. Possible to meet you ? Tell something about you, yr life, yr famaly, ask me all you want to know about me, Awaiting yr reply." Followed by his email, his other email, his Skype address, his work phone, and his mobile phone, as well as the request to "send me more photos from you."

Now Cheick, why didn't you just get to the point, and come straight out and ask for the photos you're never going to get?

Godfrey from Tanzania introduced himself. "I've seen your profile and i'm interested and right now just give me u r hotmail account so that I can add u in my msn messenger and then we'll be chatting all day long every day so that we can know each other better."

That's one long run-on sentence, if I do say so myself. Punctuation, Godfrey, it's called punctuation. And I must add that I am thrilled by the prospect of "chatting all day long every day."

And finally, Michael from Hollywood, CA, who was coming to town to visit his brother, offered his company for "lunch...drinks...etc..." I should also mention his age is 51.

I'm afraid to ask what he meant by "etc," but I will instead simply refer him to Rule A.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hur ska du kunna välja bland alla dessa godbitar?


6:39 AM  
Blogger Preciosa said...

I think that Kaan has been listening to too much Backstreet Boys.

Or maybe its just me for recognising it.

12:15 PM  

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