Friday, November 17, 2006

Cheap Eats

It's not the time of year that you really want to spend your lunch break catching a few rays in one of the many parks in central Stockholm. So it was time for a change. This afternoon, I wandered down Kungsgatan to Hötorgshallen, an indoor market dating back to 1880 (with several subsequent rebuilds). It's a great place to wander around, and if you're discreet, you might even be able to fill up on all the samples offered. For 20 kronor, I purchased a couple of potato pirogis from Saluplats 30, the "Finnish boutique in the middle of town." There are several other affordable lunch options sure to whet your pallet, including Turkish fare, the ever-popular kebab, Greek dishes, and fresh sushi. There are cheese shops galore. Jackson's Ostaffär and Osthörnan are worth mentioning as they both had bite-sized chunks of cheesy delight to nibble on. In terms of samples, however, Piera's Livs takes the cake with a wide assortment of goodies ranging from chocolate covered almonds to dried fruit. Catch a taste of the wasabi rice cakes if you're looking for a kick! Hötorgshallen is open Monday-Thursday 10-18, Friday 10-18:30, and Saturday 10-16. Close Sundays and holidays.



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