Monday, June 19, 2006

Hyra En Hund™

Icelandic SheepdogI have a great new business concept: Rent-A-Pup™. I even have a slogan: The place where dogs who love people meet people who love dogs. The idea is that city dwellers who live in tiny apartments can, for a fee, borrow a dog for the day. It would be sort of an unconventional doggy daycare. Dog owners going on vacation would drop Fido off at the kennel, and then people who love dogs, but can't have one, can come and take him for a romp in the park, a swim in the canal, or whatever. Obviously, there would have to be some kind of certification process, because you wouldn't want to loan your pup out to just anyone. It would be a sort of canine user course.

Personally, I would like to borrow an Icelandic Sheepdog (pictured left). (Never mind that the main reason I am so besought with this lovely breed is that it matches Ullrick, my cat, not to mention it keeps with the whole Nordic pet theme. Steve thinks that's a stupid criteria to use when choosing a breed, but I think there are plenty of stupider reasons that I could come up with). And yes, Mom, it's already been pointed out that I need another pet as badly as I need another tattoo.


Blogger eff said...

They actually have dog rental places in Tokyo, for example. But in those cases it was the rental company that actually owned the dog.

My immidiate reaction upon seeing this (on the Discovery channel, by the way) was "how very Japanese". Turned out that most Tokyo residents have tiny apartments and work crazy hours and on top of that not all apartment buildings allowed pets. So you could just rent a dog for the day and spoil it rotten.

I'm not sure how well this scheme would work in Korea though. A bit like take-out food? I've always wanted to try a dog meat dish.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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