Monday, June 19, 2006

Baby buggies beware

Cry BabyLet's get one thing straight: I'm not out to get parents who have small children. I don't dislike all children, just the screaming kind. In fact, I'm sure there are some very nice small children out there somewhere (although that somewhere may very well be over the rainbow). I think that Sweden is indeed a fantastic place to have kids. I also agree with the principle that society should be set up in family-friendly way that allows women (and men!) to have both a career and children.

I will even go as far as to say that parents with baby buggies should have the right of way on public sidewalks and public transportation. That doesn't, however, give you permission to stand in the middle of the road and stop traffic.

To the woman that nearly ran me over on my way home from work: You should set a good example for your child and look both ways before crossing the street.

Those baby buggies are a lethal weapon.


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