Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sex nights and sleep nights

A few nights ago, I had dinner tonight with my good friend and former colleague R, and we ran into one of his buddies from high school as we were walking out of the building. D was on his way to his girlfriend's house for dinner. He is a med student and is only one or two terms away from finishing-up before he begins his residency, so he is right in the middle of his hospital rotations, which means he keeps some pretty weird hours. R and I also can also be classified as "insomniacs," although not necessarily for as legitimate a reason as "medical school." R commented that it easier to go to bed when you have someone to go to bed with. I said that perhaps this was the case, unless both people were insomniacs. Then you just keep each other up. Then D made the point that if you have someone to go to bed with, you may be in bed, but are not necessarily sleeping. This is especially the case if you don't live together, and only see each other a few times a week. R then proposed that perhaps the solution to this was to schedule "sex nights" and "sleep nights." Then both of the guys got very quiet, and lamented upon the fact that lately, they have both experienced too many nights with neither sleep nor sex.

I must also add my reaction to this idea. I know how fond Swedes are of their calendars, and how evenings and weekends can be booked months ahead, but the first time that any potential boyfriend of mine attempts to actually pencil in a "sex night," I'm outta there. There is still something to be said for spontaneity.


Blogger oscar said...

Ja schemaläggning kanske tar bort en del av udden på spänningen, men efter att rådfrågat vänner som levt i förhållanden (samboliv) betydligt längre än jag, tycker även undertecknad att det låter som en hyfsad idé.

Det kan vara det enda sättet att veta att man kommer att få "nåt". Om inte annat så kan man ju alltid stämma den andre parten för kontraktsbrott.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well put! to book nights for sex in calendar is creepy!

3:50 PM  

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