Friday, December 02, 2005

Headin' South

And now the conversation shall descend into a discussion of the Stockholm housing market. My favorite Swedish-wild-child-party-girl-turned-kärleksinvandrare-till-Norrland called me this morning and is on her way to town with her man and a Volvo in tow. So it's unexpectedly moving day! Anyway who has lived in Stockholm will tell you that if your friend with a car offers to help you move, you don't say no. So now it's time to stuff all of my dirty laundry into those lovely blue IKEA bags, throw it into the trunk of my friend's borrowed Volvo, and do some laundry in my NEW APARTMENT IN SÖDERMALM!

On another note, tomorrow I'm really heading south, as in Skåne, you know, for the whole extra 20 minutes of daylight that you guys get down there. I'm sure it will be a real "solsemester."

P.S. In an attempt to give my laptop a check-up, my new über-super-duper virus protection program identified 1034 "infected" files, and seems to have deleted some files that were necessary for the functioning of Gmail, Hotmail, Google, MSN messenger (which makes my love life rather difficult) among other things. Luckily, it didn't dare touch the blogs. That would have meant WAR! But if I'm slow on comments, or fail to reply to emails to, that's why.


Anonymous Dr Helmer said...

Welcome to the civilized part of Sweden. If you need a guide just let me know. :)

4:01 PM  

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