Monday, December 26, 2005

Gästinlägg: Wild Child tells tall tales

So, Kommisarie Curiosa asked me to honor her blog with one of my (many) juicy stories. I can only oblige by her wishes. Here's a story from when I was studying in California:

My first semester I took a class in psychology. I was surprised how many guys had signed up for the class, but it dawned on me later that they had only signed up "to meet chicks". The guys competed over sitting next to me in class and I have never had so many guys wanting to "study" with me after class. I was in a prolonged break-up faze with my fianceé at the time and for the first time in five years I was starting to notice other guys. One of my psych class-suitors was a portugese-mexican hunk by the name of Manuel. A tall, dark clueless GQ model-surfer hybrid. I was clearly very attracted to his physique and not his (non-existing) intellect. We met up the following weekend at a party. I had been really exited about it the whole week. We made out and he was a rare FANTASTIC kisser. Of course, he didn't want things to end there, but I wasn't ready to jump in the sack with someone new quite yet. The wounds from my breakup were still too fresh. Manuel and I went on a few dates, but nothing physical happened to my great disappointment. Maybe he was a bit freaked out that I was four years older than him? Over x-mas break he mysteriously vanished. He´d talked about transferring to San Diego where "the waves are better". I regretted not having sex with him, or at least making out with him again. I couldn't really get this surfer-hunk out of my head. Maybe because he was the first guy I´d kissed after a long and passionate realtionship. Two years later, I saw this hot hot man again -in a nightclub -and seconds later he disappeared in the crowd. It was enough to get my blood boiling and I wasn't going to miss out on this unexpected second chance....

To be continued....


Anonymous Simon said...

UHHH... Hvad mon der sker? Får du knaldet mexicaneren? sig det nuuuu!!!

4:35 PM  
Blogger Curiosa said...

Simon, det är ett gästinlägg av Wild Child. Inte av mig.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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