Sunday, December 25, 2005

En sväng runt Göteborg

This afternoon as we walked off some of the massive quantities of korv we have consumed the last three days, Wild Child described the city as "pink sky, blue trees" as the sun was just going down. Or, with all the lights on the trees, as Mamma Mu put it, Göteborg could very well be called "Götevegas." Or maybe "Las Borg."

Göteborg showed her best side today. It is the first time I have actually been out and about in this town without it raining cats and dogs. It was rosy cheek kind of weather, rather than a "I'm-soaking-wet-and-can-no-longer-feel-my-lower-extremities" kind of torrential downpour. I am still afflicted by that deep-down chilled-to-my-bones that is characteristic of the Scandinavian winter, but it's nothing that a little Glögg and a cuddle with Kitty won't fix.

Speaking of Kitty, I hadn't realized how attached I had gotten to her the last few weeks. After taking her dose of kitty valium (or rather, having kitty valium shoved down her throat by two blond women), she made the train trip to Göteborg with us. Wild Child's father was quite excited to see his "barnbarn," and she hasn't left his side since.

The thing about having a pet is that it is SOOOOOO nice to have someone waiting for you when you get home. And it gives you a reason to want to come home, even if it is just to open a can of tuna. It feels so good to be needed.

I just got my Christmas check from my grandparents, and I have to say that I am strongly considering getting a kitten to call my very own. I've grown up with cats. Right now Mom has four of them. It's only been since I went to college that I haven't had one.

But it is a committment and it isn't fair to the kitty (or me) if I get one and then decide to move back to the States. Although according to SAS's website, you can carry a cat as handbaggage as long as you have the necessary vaccinations.

I keep trying to talk myself out of this idea, but I know myself well enough that once an idea plants itself in my head, and starts to grow, it's going to take a lot more than mental weed killer to be rid of it. Looking at the website of the "Katthem" in Stockholm doesn't help either.

I can just hear all those little "mews" just calling my name.


Blogger Johan N. said...

Katter är ju supersköna, även om det är lite av en gamble att välja rätt.. Man vill ha den där mjuka sociala liraren som bara rullar runt och börjar spontant spinna när man kommer in i rummet. Såvida man inte driver jordbruk eller nåt, då kanske man nöjer sig med den pälsklädda sociopaten som dyker upp en gång i kvartalet för att kvittera ut lite mat och utrota en hel population gnagare. Men frågan är vad man vill ha -- en anticimex-kille eller en katt?

7:53 PM  
Blogger Marcus said...

Would you mind changing the setting: Settings -> Site Feed -> Descriptions to Full? Btw, thanks for the link to statcounter, and thanks for a brilliant blog. I'm already addicted ;-)

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Johan said...

I'd recommend that you get two cats, unless you're working from home?

Going on a recommendation from a friend I'd say that keeping two is much easier than having just one. Especially when you live in an apartment and can't let the cat loose outside.

I've got an ocicat and a semi-longhaired ordinary kitten (16 weeks old) at the moment , both social, vocal and extremely cuddly and excellent company for each other when I'm not home.

Right now they bookend me in the sofa sleeping and purring like crazy..

12:07 AM  

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